List of posters

Finizia Auriemma - Dissection of elastomeric performances of ethylene based semicrystalline multi-block copolymers (P-1A)
Mareen Schäfer - NMR investigations of dynamics in the different phases of semicrystalline polymers (P-2B)
Varun Danke - Structure and Morphology Orientation of Comb-like Polymers with Rigid Backbones (P-3B)
Martha Schulz - The Decisive Role of Intra-Crystalline Chain Dynamics for the Morphology of Semicrystalline Polymers (P-4A)
Takashi Konishi - SAXS Study on Density Fluctuations in Crystallization Process of Poly(trimethylene terephthtalate) (P-5A)
Eunsang Lee - Transition from Ring- to Chain-Dominated Phases in Supramolecular Polymer Networks (P-6A)
Timur Shakirov - Small polyethylene systems: On the ground state of single chains and few chain aggregates (P-7B)
Olivier Verkinderen - Morphology–Density Relations in Polyamide 12 (P-8B)
Martin Pulst - Chain Tilt in the Crystalline Lamellae of Poly(ethylene oxide) Investigated by Mid-Chain Defects (P-9B)
Sophie Reimann - Synthesis, aggregation and crystallization of precision polymers with repetitive folding elements (P-10A)
Jiayi Zhao - Crystallization and Tensile Deformation Mechanism of Propylene/Ethylene Copolymers in alpha and gamma Polymorphs (P-11A)
Claudio De Rosa - Tailoring Properties of Polypropylene through Crystallization in the Presence of Polymeric Nucleating Agents (P-12A)
Xia Dong - The Crystallization Transition and Microstructure Evolution of Long Chain Aliphatic Polyamide (P-13A)
Takahiko Kawai - Deformation and nano-void formation of β-phase isotactic polypropylene during uniaxial stretching (P-14B)
Masamichi Hikosaka - Bi-axial nano oriented crystals (NOCs) of Polyamide 66 (P-15B)
Seif Eddine fenni - Relations between morphology and crystallization behavior of poly (l-lactide) / poly (butylene succinate) bioblend nanocomposites with graphene oxide nano-sheets (P-16B)
Wilhelm Kossack - Temperature dependent IR-Transition Moment Orientational Analysis applied to thin supported films of Poly-ε-Caprolactone (P-17B)
Nazmul Hasan - Crystallization of Isotactic Poly(methacrylic acid) at the Air-Water Interface and in Thin Films (P-18A)
Xu Jiaru - New insights into crystalline transition in nylon 46 (P-19A)
Huihui Li - Effects Of Phase Separation and Crystallization on Morphology of Poly(propylene carbonate)/Poly(3-Hydroxybutyrate) Blend Thin Films (P-20B)
Oleksandr Mykhaylyk - Mechano-optical rheology of semi-crystalline polymers (P-21A)
Erik Schreck - Polythiophene Adsorption and Restructuring on Gold Surfaces (P-22A)
Kiyoka Okada - Novel three-dimensional nano-oriented crystals of polyesters (P-23B)
YingYing Sun - Influence of Propylene-based Elastomer on Stress-whitening for Impact copolymer (P-24B)
Miriam Scoti - Crystallinity and Stress Induced Crystallization in Ethylene-Propylene Rubbers (P-25A)
Bao Wang - Fiber surface-induced nucleation of polylactide (P-26A)
Muhammad Tariq - Epitaxial Crystallization of Polyethylene via Prefreezing: Effect of Strength of Substrate Interaction (P-27B)
Xiaoliang Tang - Bond-orientational Order Assisted Crystal Nucleation in Polyethylene (P-28B)
Xiaoli Sun - The confined crystallization of polymer in Anodized aluminum oxide template (P-29A)
Jun Xu - A new microscopic kinetics model for nucleation of polymer crystallization (P-30B)
Bin Zhang - Effects of Melt Structure on Shear-induced Crystallization of Isotactic Polypropylene (P-31A)
Oleksandr Dolynchuk - Crystallization-Driven Reversible Actuation in Cross-Linked Poly(ε-caprolactone) (P-32A)
Markus Anton - Spatial Orientation and Order of Molecular Subunits in Films of Organic Semiconductors (P-33A)
Robert Roth - Large area three-dimensional polarization control in P(VDF-TrFE) polymer films on graphite (P-34B)
Maarten Colaers - Development of improved materials from poly(lactic acid) with the aid of plasticizers and crystallization-promoting gelators (P-35B)
Alexander Korn - Serine substitution in Amyloid-β – a possible link between β-Methylamino-L-alanine and Alzheimer’s disease? (P-36A)
Arne Böker - Structure formation of peptides in the PRIME20 model (P-37A)
Susanne Link - Effects of thermal denaturation and UV-B irradiation on eye lens crystallin proteins (P-38B)
Peter Enke - Dynamic and Structural Properties of Polyglutamine (P-39B)
Svetlana Pylaeva - Effects of Hofmeister Ion Series on Stability of a Salt Bridge (P-40A)
Zhanna Evgrafova - Amyloid Protein Aggregation in the Presence of Temperature-Sensitive  Polymers (P-41A)
Jana Rüdel - Early oligomers and the process of oligomerization of the amyloid peptides Aβ40 and Aβ42 (P-42B)
Torsten John - Amyloid peptide aggregation near interfaces (P-43A)
Bruno Voigt - Characterization of Chimaeras of a Thermoresponsive Polymer and the Parathyroid Hormone (P-44A)
Martin Kordts - Characterization of the Self-Assembly Process of Hydrophobin SC3 at Interfaces and in Solution (P-45B)
Tobias Thalheim - Applying Principal-Components Analysis to Single DNA Molecules in a Thermophoretic Trap (P-46B)
Sebastian Belau - Towards Probing Structural Transition of Single-Polymer Chains with External Force (P-47B)
Jonathan Gross - Monte Carlo studies of polymer aggregation (P-48B)